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We will be happy to develop a workshop/seminar based on the particular Knowledge Management or Innovation Management needs of your organization. You will find below a list of additional topics that could be offered but, once again, we are open to anything, just let us know what your needs are and we will design a customized workshop/seminar for your organization. Workshops/seminars can also be designed around industry topics like KM in Banking, KM in Healthcare, KM in Government, KM in Education, …

Examples of additional KM topics:

  • Boosting Creativity
  • Innnovation Management
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA)
  • Identifying your critical knowledge (using MASK II method)
  • KM Strategy and strategic alignment
  • Eliciting/capturing the knowledge of your experts and create a knowledge book (MASK I method)
  • Mapping Knowledge Processes and Knowledge Process Improvement
  • Learning tools and processes (After action review (AAR), Retrospect, Peer assist)
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Knowledge Mapping
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Taxonomies, Ontologies
  • Social Networking Tools (Web 2.0)
  • Knowledge Cafés
  • Knowledge Portals
  • Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining
  • Becoming a Learning Organization
  • Document and Content management Systems
  • Storytelling
  • KM and Project Management
  • The Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
  • KM in your specific industry (Banking, Government, Healthcare, ….)
  • Tools to boost you creativity
  • Team facilitation
  • Research methodologies (quantitative and qualitative methods)
  • Corporate culture assessment
  • Organizational trust
  • ……
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.