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Because we believe that the most important asset in your organization is your cooperate knowledge, your intellectual asset, we will provide you with the latest information on how to nurture knowledge flows within your organization by selecting the right management techniques.

Furthermore the seminars are designed to help you create a sustainable knowledge sharing culture which will not only turn your company into a learning organization but will allow your enterprise to gain competetive advantage and foster innovation.

The length of each seminar is usualy of six hours and will be composed of a combination of lecture, case studies and interactive workshops, where participants will put theories and concepts into practice. Each participant will receive a certificate from the IKI-SEA of Bangkok University in collaboration with the IKI of the George Washington University - USA.

If you are already familiar with KM you might not need to participate in all seminars, also that might be a good asset, but some seminars are designed consecutively. You can find further information in the seminar details (left menu) or by downloading the list and description of all KM seminars.

We offer the 10 following standard seminars but if you feel that your organizations requires customized seminars feel free to contact us for further information. We also provide coaching, advisory and consulting services.

IKI-SEA Seminars