The Information Technology Aspect of KM (#5) Print

Main Objectives:

  • Understand how Information technology (IT) can enable KM initiatives
  • Learn about the various types of KM technologies available and understand their pro and cons
  • Become familiar with the various KM IT terminologies
  • Identify what KM technology can be used to meet the requirements of each of the KM phases
  • Become familiar with collaborative tools
  • Design the KM IT architecture for your organization

Course Description:

Information Technology (IT) is considered as the enabler of Knowledge Management. Without IT
knowledge sharing will be limited and will not be efficient and effective. This seminar will explain the
enabling role of Information Technology in KM and will present various architectures, technologies
and tools that can be implemented in order to facilitate the flow, archival and retrieval of knowledge
at the organizational level but also at the individual level (knowledge workers). This seminar will
cover some of the IT pitfalls to avoid in order to successfully enabling a KM initiative. During the
seminar you will identify the tools and technologies that can support your KM strategy and you will
design a KM IT architecture that will meet the needs of your organization.


  • Understanding Knowledge Management (seminar #1),
  • Knowledge Management Strategies (seminar #2)
  • Knowledge Management Processes (seminar #4)

Number of hours: 6 hours