The Human aspect of KM (#3) Print

Main Objectives:

  • Understand the needs/expectations of knowledge workers
  • Understand what motivates people to share knowledge
  • Understand what can be done to motivate people to share knowledge
  • Understand the role and impact of organizational culture and its different components
  • Understand how to evolve the culture of your organization to a knowledge sharing culture

Course Description:

The human aspect is the most challenging aspect of knowledge management. If people are not willing
to share their knowledge your knowledge management initiative will not succeed. This seminar will
present the main human factors to take in consideration in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and
to reduce knowledge hoarding. Concepts of organizational culture as well as the key components
required to evolve to a knowledge sharing culture will be presented. Issues like Knowledge Workers,
KM and Human Resources, Management styles, Reward systems, Storytelling will be addressed.



  • Understanding Knowledge Management (seminar #1)
  • Knowledge Management Strategies (seminar #2)

Number of hours: 6 hours