KM Strategies (#2) Print

Main Objectives:

  • Understand the relationships between the Knowledge Management strategy, the Business strategy
    and the Information Technology strategy.
  • Understand the different KM Strategies that can be implemented
  • Be able to identify how the KM strategy will support the business strategy and how it will help
    improve some of the core business processes of the organization
  • Design a KM strategy that will best benefit your particular organization needs

Course Description:

Various benefits can result from the implementation of a Knowledge Management initiative but if the
goal of such initiative is not clearly identified at the beginning the resulting benefits might not be as
clear and as significant as if the KM strategy was clearly defined. This seminar will present the various
strategies that can be selected to implement KM in your organization. Each organization should
design a customized KM strategy aligned with its business strategy. Through this seminar you will
design the KM strategy that will best benefit your organization needs.



  • Understanding Knowledge Management Seminar (#1)

Number of hours: 6 hours