KM Roadmap Seminar (#6) Print

Main Objectives:

  • Understand the various stages required to implement and sustain a successful knowledge
    management initiative customized to your organization needs avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Design the KM roadmap corresponding to the KM strategy of your company


Course Description:

The design and implementation of a Knowledge Management initiative is not an easy task and it must
be planned carefully in order to succeed and to provide the most benefits. Every organization will
take a different approach to knowledge management. The KM approach you will design and
implement will be unique to your company. During this seminar you will be presented with the most
commonly accepted and adopted KM Roadmaps and we will focus on our validated KM Roadmap.
Each step will be presented with examples, tools and pitfalls to avoid. Case studies will be used to
illustrate how successful companies have implemented their KM initiative. During the seminar you
will design your own KM roadmap corresponding to the KM strategy of your company.



  • Understanding Knowledge Management (seminar #1)
  • Knowledge Management Strategies (seminar #2)
  • To fully benefit from this seminar we will recommend you to also take seminar #3, #4, and #5
  • Two versions of this seminar are offered. The first version is a 12 hours seminar particularly designed
    for an audience who is relatively new to the field of KM. The second version (6 hours) has been
    particularly designed for people who previously attended our “Understanding Knowledge
    Management” seminar (#1).
Number of hours: 6 or 12 hours