Knowledge Management Metrics & Measurements (#8) Print

Main Objectives:

  • Understand metrics and assessment/evaluation methods
  • Understand the differences between qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Learn how to measure KM effectiveness
  • Learn how to measure the influence and benefits of KM
  • Design your company’s KM assessment program

Course Description:

It is often agreed that it is difficult to manage something that you cannot measure. This rule also
applies to Knowledge Management. One of the first questions which are often asked by managers
are; How (in terms of numbers) will we benefit from KM?, what will be our ROI?, how much time will
it take for KM to benefit us (outcome, impact, …)? , … This seminar will present some indicators and
metrics that can be used to measure the progress and success of a KM initiative. Various metric types
will be presented (quantitative and qualitative). At the end of this seminar you will have identified a
set of metrics that will allow your organization to successfully track the progress of the knowledge
management strategy that you will have designed during the KM Strategy seminar (#2) and during
the KM Roadmap seminar (#6).


  • Understanding Knowledge Management (Seminar #1)
  • Knowledge Management Strategies (Seminar #2)
  • Knowledge Management Roadmap (Seminar #6)
Number of hours: 6 hours