Knowledge Management and Innovation (#10) Print

Main Objectives:

  • Understand the various types of Innovation
  • Understand the various phases of the Innovation process
  • Understand the methods and tools to foster innovation
  • Understand how KM can act as a catalyst for Innovation
  • Design the innovation strategy of your organization as well as its implementation roadmap

Course Description:

In our knowledge economomy, Innovation is becoming a critical organizational process to gain a
competitive advantage. The effective management of internal and external knowledge and creative
ideas becomes vital. This seminar will present what fuels innovation as well as the role of KM in
innovation. Both product/service innovation and business processes innovation will be covered. A
strategy and a roadmap to implement a successful KMā€Innovation initiative will be presented and you
will design the strategy and roadmap associated with your organizationsā€™ needs.



  • Understanding Knowledge Management (Seminar #1)
  • Knowledge Management Strategies (Seminar #2)
  • Knowledge Management Processes (Seminar #4)
  • Knowledge Management Roadmap (Seminar #6)


Number of hours: 6 hours