Assessing KM Readiness and Maturity Level (#7) Print

Main Objectives:

  • Understand the need of KM readiness assessements (or KM Audits)
  • Understand what KM Maturity Mode/ Level is and how to use it
  • Understand the different assessment tools that can be used to measure (cultural, communication, management, collaboration, technology) gaps
  • Understand how to interpret the results of these assessment tools
  • Define a strategy to fill the eventual gaps

Course Description:

It is very risky and often doomed to failure to engage in Knowledge Management initiative without a good understanding of the environment in which employees operate. This seminar will present various tools and techniques that can be used to assess the readiness of your company to launch a KM initiative (KM Audit). These techniques and tools will help you diagnosing eventual gaps (cultural, communication, management, collaboration, technology) as well as your company KM Maturity Level. You will be introduced to these assessment tools as well as how to interpret their results. You will define an assessment strategy for your own organization and you will prepare a strategy that will help you fill the eventual diagnosed gaps. 


  • Understanding Knowledge Management (seminar #1)
  • Knowledge Management Strategies (seminar #2)
  • Knowledge Management Roadmap (seminar #6) 
Number of hours: 6 hours