iklub Event - with Bruno Laporte Print
Written by Christian Walter   
Monday, 11 March 2013 10:17



Our next iklub meeting will be on the second Wednesday of March! The event will be at the Novotel Siam. As always, the event starts at 9.00am until noon, followed by a buffet for all paying members. Our guest will be Bruno Laporte, Director of Thematic Knowledge and Learning at the World Bank Institute! You can register in the calendar on the right, or by clicking here.

From a Knowledge Bank to a Solutions Bank
Two decades of KM at the World Bank

Over the last two decades the World Bank has embarked on a journey to introduce and mainstream knowledge management. The approach has evolved over time, with different phases and different results. However, this journey has led the Bank to realize the centrality of its knowledge assets and to place knowledge services on an equal footing with its lending services. The presentation will cover the evolution of KM at the World Bank and the progress made over time.

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