The 5th Thailand National KM Conference Print
Written by Vincent   
Wednesday, 24 November 2010 00:00
The Knowledge Management Institute (KMI) will organize on November 22-23 the 5th Thailand National KM Conference.  Professor Ikujiro Nonaka will give the keynote address. The conference aims to promote and build awareness of the importance of applying Knowledge Management as a learning development tool which emphasizes the values of “Tacit Knowledge” within knowledge practitioners in Thai society. IKI-SEA willl animate the "Tacit Sea" zone on November 23rd on a topic related to identifying your critical knowledge.

This Learning Land is specifically designed for participants the most opportunities to meet, learn, practice and share experiences with selected practitioners from nine interactive zones as follows:

  1. Experiment Beach : practice KM tools including tricks and tips
  2. Tacit Sea: learn how to elicit tacit knowledge  from knowledge practitioners
  3. Miracle circuit : practice deep listening, positive thinking and dialogue
  4. Sharing Mountain Range : understand “benefit of giving” from various case studies
  5. Golden Bridge : learn tips and techniques of how to be “KM coordinator”
  6. Guru House : meet KM experts  to clarify “KM Application” -- easy or difficult?”
  7. Island of Fun: learn to create learning atmosphere
  8. Lighthouse : learn how to use “empowerment” skills to support “knowledge practitioners” in order to lead your organization productively and effectively.
  9. Integration Lagoon : meet practitioners and learn from case studies: on how to integrate ISO9000, TQM, TQA, BSC and/or  KM in your work life.
Don't miss this great event and for more information please visit the KMI Web site