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ronnyNaphunsakorn Waiyawuththanapoom is a researcher at the IKI-SEA with an extensive background and expertise in the energy industry. He is currently part of the PhD Program at Bangkok University, focused on Knowledge Management and Innovation Management. Prior to joining the IKI-SEA, Ronnakorn had worked as a senior consultant in the energy and climate change area. During his career, he has managed over 20 large-scale international and domestic projects, worth approximately 2 million USD, in both public and private sector domains, including: the UNDP, CITI, Samsung, PTT group, Thaibev Group, BP, PEA, DEDE EPPO, Hong Kong Government, and South Africa Government. He was an Energy Policy Officer for the Department of Mines and Energy (DME) in Australia during 2007-2008, where Ronnakorn worked on reviewing energy policy, and establishing a framework for energy modeling in the Australia context, especially in the state of Queensland. Ronnakorn also worked as a research assistant at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), where he contributed most of his time in researching various issues in energy planning and policy domain (e.g. Nuclear power versus fossil-fuel power with CO2 capture and storage: a comparative analysis for UN). Ronnakorn has written several comprehensive reports and publications on energy and climate change, which demonstrate his extensive  knowledge of energy and political economics, energy modeling, microeconomic reform, carbon market analysis, and the strategy to reduce the GHG emission (e.g. climate change mitigation and adaptation and CDM) and its impact (e.g. climate change risks on economy).