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The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation - South East Asia


19.11.2013 - 19.11.2013 08.30 h - 16.00 h
Novotel Siam Square - Bangkok



We are happy to announce a full day workshops with two of the most renown  Knowledge Management professionals in the world. We have invited Dr. Nancy Dixon and Ron Young to give workshops on Achieving Knowledge Driven Results and Organizational Sensemaking.

The workshop will be at the Novotel Siam, Siamsquare, on Tuesday, November 19th 2013 from 8.30am to 4.00pm, and will include  lunch and several networking and coffee breaks.

Workshop Fees

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Nancy Dixon

Dr. Nancy Dixon was one of the early thought leaders in the Knowledge Management field with her book, Common Knowledge: How Companies Thrive By Sharing What They Know, Harvard Business School Press, 2000. That book was based on a research study of how fifteen of the most successful companies were leveraging their knowledge.  Her work was seminal in developing the early theory that demonstrated that different transfer processes were needed for the sharing of tacit knowledge vs. explicit knowledge.  She has continued to advance the leading edge of understanding about the expanding role that knowledge plays in organizations

Collective Sensemaking: Creating a Culture of Engagement

Collective Sensemaking is the next step beyond knowledge sharing for organizations. More than just making use of the existing knowledge employees have, collective knowledge makes use of the sensemaking capabilities of employees to create new knowledge. Knowledge Management has the capability to address an organization’s very difficult and complex issues, for example how to merge two cultures or how to refocus an organization from selling products to selling service. For these, and many other complex issues, no standard operating procedure exists and no history within the organization is available to draw on for guidance. The knowledge to solve complex problems does not reside in individuals nor even in the executive team – but the knowledge does exists in the collective. The knowledge management task is to bring together the collective knowledge of the organization to bear on complex issues. Many managers express a strong desire to more actively engage their employees in problem solving, but have found that when they try, they get little response – or worse yet, an argument erupts. These managers have the will but not the way!
In this workshop we will:

Effective interaction results from changing the conditions under which workers interact. There are seven proven principles of interaction that make the difference between engaging workers and communicating to them.


Ron Young

Ron Young is the founder of Knowledge Associates Cambridge Ltd, a knowledge management consulting and solutions company based at St Johns Innovation Centre, Cambridge U.K. He is acknowledged as a leading international expert and thought leader in strategic knowledge management and innovation. He specializes in knowledge driven results for organizations.

He advised and assisted the UK DTI Innovation Unit in 1999 in the production of the UK Government White Paper ‘UK Competitiveness in the Knowledge Driven Economy’. He regularly provides keynote presentations and workshops at leading knowledge management & innovation conferences around the world. He has chaired for several years both the British Standards Institute (BSI) Knowledge Management Standards Committee and the European Knowledge Management Standards Committee. He is a visiting lecturer for international business administration and global knowledge economy programs. He runs master classes at King’s College Cambridge UK.

He has been engaged by the World Bank, Washington, USA as an international management consultant and is currently developing knowledge management strategies and systems, and advising and assisting major multi-national corporations, international UN agencies, national governments, military and professional institutions around the world. He was a lead consultant for the European Commission 2 Million euro ‘Know-Net’ project.

Achieving knowledge driven results

In this workshop, Ron Young will share his global perspective for the need to focus on knowledge driven, measurable results. He will discuss developments in this area, especially better ‘knowledge asset management’ and present a framework for assessing the KM maturity levels for individuals, teams, organizations and inter-organizational networks. Ron Young has also followed closely, analysed, and interpreted the World Bank reports and developments for ‘Measuring Knowledge in the World’s Economies’. He will share developments in personal, team, and organizational knowledge scorecards.

As a result of his consulting work, around the world, he will present and propose a “Knowledge Driven Results Framework’ to help organizations and institutions better understand, measure and report, on the impact that effective knowledge management can have, directly, on achieving results. He will demonstrate how he and his organization, Knowledge Associates, Cambridge, UK, achieve knowledge driven results.


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